[plt-scheme] Re: Announcing MzTake: a scriptable debugger

From: Scott Graham (sgraham at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Aug 18 01:06:00 EDT 2004


Looks like it could be neat.

I think the first "phase" of debugging is normally just to get more 
information about the problem. When I've inspected a few locals it may be 
obvious what's gone wrong, and otherwise, either re-executing that function 
without restarting, or putting a breakpoint at the beginning of the function 
and rerunning the program will clear things up. If at that point (say after 
30 seconds) the problem still isn't clear, then I'd be ready to do something 
trace-y or conditional like what the MzTake demos demonstrate. Until I've 
seen some locals, I'm not really sure what condition I should even test for 

Perhaps the "simple" (for the end-user :) step/view locals 
first-phase-debugger is something that could be written "outside" of MzTake? 
Is that possible?

> Would you like to monitor your program's execution?  Annoyed at having
> to insert, remove, enable or disable print statements?  Want to build
> auxilliary data structures to track those in your program?

Am I wrong, or do I only have access to the values of bind'd variables? This 
kind of means that I have to insert/remove/enable/disable the equivalent of 
a print statement anyway, except that it happens to be in a different file 
(which is a bit better, I guess).

Let me also add my voice to the list of people who keep screwing up absolute 
line numbers.. I guess the most obvious thing would be to add a named token 
to the original code that could then be used in the bind/entry statement 
instead of x,y. Again, no idea whether that's easy/possible, but that's what 
I'd like.

Looking forward to future versions :)

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