Breaking modules (was Re: [plt-scheme] fluid-let-syntax may get flushed)

From: Richard C. Cobbe (cobbe at
Date: Wed Aug 11 08:56:31 EDT 2004

Lo, on Wednesday, August 11, Robby Findler did write:

> Oh, sorry. I didn't read your code, only the text.
> Now that I do I see that the code doesn't mention fluid-let-syntax, so
> I don't see why it would stop working.

Because while I don't use fluid-let-syntax, I do use one of the other
ways of "break[ing] into a module and access[ing] the module's private
bindings," as Matthew said in his original post.  In the same message,
Matthew said that he was closing up these other ways, and I'm asking
whether the idiom I described will also be affected by his changes.


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