[plt-scheme] MzTake - relative line numbers

From: david.laffin at lineone.net (david.laffin at lineone.net)
Date: Tue Aug 10 13:10:56 EDT 2004


I have just spent an hour or so playing with MzTake; it's seriously cool.
However even in that short period of time, I found the fact that the
absolute line and column locations of trace points have to be changed
after even minor edits to the target text to be somewhat irritating. 

There must be a better way?

I wouldn't want anything that fundamentally compromised the non-invasive
(at least as far as the target text is concerned) nature of MzTake, but
wonder if - in addition to absolute line numbers - it would be possible
to provide line numbers relative to some "anchor string" in the source
text. Perhaps something along the lines of the "sectional comments" and
"source markers" used in the Scheme Elucidator from the LAML folks


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