search paths and teachpacks?? was Re: [plt-scheme] How do I get picture.plt working under DrScheme 205?

From: Robby Findler (robby at
Date: Wed Sep 24 20:39:30 EDT 2003

At Wed, 24 Sep 2003 18:21:52 -0400, Allyn Dimock wrote:
> Robby Findler writes:
>  > At Wed, 24 Sep 2003 11:58:15 -0400, Allyn Dimock wrote:
>  > > action: 
>  > > (o) start drscheme
>  > > (o) set language to mzscheme+mred
>  > > (o) add teachpack ~/.plt-scheme/205/teachpack/
>  > 
>  > Did you click Execute between the step above and the one below? If not,
>  > did you see a big black and yellow message telling you to?
> No and No.

This bug is now fixed and released to CVS. DrScheme will now warning
you when the teachpack changes and you haven't executed.

Thanks for letting me know!

> Some decades ago, when I was designing turnkey software, the designers
> had to pound on the development and test engineers to make them
> realize that no matter how dumb a sequence of actions might seem to
> the engineers, there was some neophyte user who was eventually going
> to perform that sequence of actions, write an imcomprehensible bug
> report, and cause general annoyance.  

Well, I certainly side with the user on this one! FWIW, this one really
was a bug -- drscheme used to do this right and when the teachpack's
mechanism changed, I missed this test. (I do have an automated GUI test
suite for DrScheme, but it does not test the yellow warning, sadly)

> Yesterday and today I seem to
> have been that neophyte.  Hopefully, as I become more sophisticated
> user, I will be able to report problems better.

> I also apologize to plt-scheme list members for this and previous
> message. The rest of you probably know to press execute after adding
> a teachpack, so, while my initial plea for help was probably
> appropriate to this list, I will take any further followups to the
> bug reporting mechanism.

No need to apologize. I'm glad to hear how you have trouble and tho I
have less time to fix this stuff these days, I do try to keep up.


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