search paths and teachpacks?? was Re: [plt-scheme] How do I get picture.plt working under DrScheme 205?

From: Allyn Dimock (dimock at
Date: Wed Sep 24 18:21:52 EDT 2003

Robby Findler writes:
 > At Wed, 24 Sep 2003 11:58:15 -0400, Allyn Dimock wrote:
 > > action: 
 > > (o) start drscheme
 > > (o) set language to mzscheme+mred
 > > (o) add teachpack ~/.plt-scheme/205/teachpack/
 > Did you click Execute between the step above and the one below? If not,
 > did you see a big black and yellow message telling you to?

No and No.


Sequence above is missing a step or has an added step.

The following should reproduce:  have language set to Graphical and no
teachpacks when you exit DrScheme (v205)

Restart DrScheme.

Go to Language menu.

Select teachpack

Immediately after selecting go to interaction buffer and type
(paint black) -- at this point you have never typed anything in the
definitions window.

Unless there is something different between your preference settings
and mine, you will not get an out-of-sync warning, you will just get
an undefined-identifier error.

The above was omitting a step.  You can also press execute after
changing language -- which I now do automatically now and presumably
forgot to record.  Then select teachpack.  Same lack of out-of-sync


Now that I have know to click on Execute after loading a teachpack I
find that this fixed the error.   But loading a teachpack does not seem
to set the out-of-sync condition.  It should.


Some decades ago, when I was designing turnkey software, the designers
had to pound on the development and test engineers to make them
realize that no matter how dumb a sequence of actions might seem to
the engineers, there was some neophyte user who was eventually going
to perform that sequence of actions, write an imcomprehensible bug
report, and cause general annoyance.  Yesterday and today I seem to
have been that neophyte.  Hopefully, as I become more sophisticated
user, I will be able to report problems better.

I also apologize to plt-scheme list members for this and previous
message.  The rest of you probably know to press execute after adding
a teachpack, so, while my initial plea for help was probably
appropriate to this list, I will take any further followups to the
bug reporting mechanism.

-- Allyn

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