[plt-scheme] POPL 04 Call for Participation

From: David Walker (dpw at CS.Princeton.EDU)
Date: Mon Nov 10 13:57:21 EST 2003

                 POPL '04 Call for Participation
            31st Annual ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium 
               Principles of Programming Languages

                      January 14-16, 2003 
                        Venice, Italy

Scope of the Conference

The annual Symposium on Principles Of Programming Languages is a forum
for the discussion of fundamental principles and important innovations
in the design, definition, analysis, and implementation of programming
languages, programming systems, and programming abstractions.

Important Dates

* Hotel reservation deadline:  November 30, 2003     <== 3 weeks left!!
* Advance Registration deadline:  December 31, 2003 
* Main Conference:  January 14-16, 2004 
* Affiliated Events:  January 11-13 and January 17, 2004

Conference Location & Hotels

The 31st Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages will be held
in the dramatic Venice, Italy, the Queen of the Adriatic.  Venice is
world renowned for its stunning architecture and unique series of
canals.  Thousands of people come to this great city every year to
take in its varied art collections, restaurants, entertainment and
exciting ambience.  The main conference itself will be held in the
impressive Auditorium S. Margherita.  A banquet is scheduled for
January 15, in the Hall of Mirrors of Ca' Zenobio, one of the most
fascinating and important examples of Venetian late Baroque style,
built at the end of the 17th century.  Further information about the
conference location may be found off the conference web site.  Venice
is always busy, so please book your travel arrangements well in
advance.  Information about reserving rooms in hotels specially booked
for POPL attendees may be found at


The deadline for making hotel reservations through the conference is
November 30, 2003, so please do not delay.

Conference Registration 

Registration for POPL and affiliated workshops is now available at
http://www.regmaster.com/popl2004.html.  The advance registration
deadline is December 31, 2003.


Program Chair: Xavier Leroy, INRIA Rocquencourt
General Chair: Neil D. Jones, DIKU 
Local Arrangements: Agostino Cortesi, Universita' ca' foscari
Treasurer: Manuel Fähndrich, Microsoft Research
Publicity: David Walker, Princeton University

Program Committee

Martín Abadi, University of California at Santa Cruz 
Zena Ariola, University of Oregon 
David F. Bacon, IBM T.J Watson Research Center 
Thomas Ball, Microsoft Research 
Maurizio Gabbrielli, University of Bologna 
Philippa Gardner, Imperial College 
Robert Harper, Carnegie Mellon University 
Atsushi Igarashi, Kyoto University 
John Launchbury, Galois Connection & Oregon Graduate Institute 
Xavier Leroy, INRIA Rocquencourt 
Mooly Sagiv, Tel Aviv University 
Michael Schwartzbach, BRICS, University of Aarhus 
Peter Sewell, University of Cambridge 
Mary Lou Soffa, University of Pittsburgh

Affiliated Events

* Fifth International Conference on Verification, Model Checking, 
    and Abstract Interpretation (VMCAI'04) 
  o Dates:  11-13 January 2004 
  o Program Chairs:  Giorgio Levi, Bernhard Steffen 
  o http://www.dsi.unive.it/~vmcai04

* Semantics, Program Analysis, and Computing Environments for 
    memory management (SPACE 2004) 
  o Date:  Jan 12, 2004 
  o General Chairs:  Fritz Henglein, Peter O'Hearn 
  o Program Chairs:  Richard Jones, Greg Morrisett 
  o http://www.diku.dk/topps/space2004/

* Programming Language Technologies for XML (PLAN-X 2004) 
  o Date:  Jan 13, 2004 
  o Program Chair: Michael I. Schwartzbach 
  o General Chair: Erik Meijer 
  o http://www.brics.dk/~mis/planx.html

* Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages (FOOL) 
  o Date:  Jan 17, 2004 
  o Program Chair:  Sophia Drossopolou 
  o General Chair:  Benjamin C. Pierce  
  o http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/FOOL

* Fourth Continuation Workshop (CW '04) 
  o Date:  Jan 17, 2004 
  o Program Chair:  Hayo Thielecke 
  o http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~hxt/cw04/index.html

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