[plt-scheme] PLT Scheme documentation available in info format?

From: Bill Clementson (bill_clementson at yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Nov 8 15:02:21 EST 2003

It might be a good idea for me to outline what I'm
after in case anyone else has encountered the same
issues and has come up with an appropriate solution. 

First of all, I prefer info over using a browser

1. It is a lot faster to open an info document in
Emacs than an html document in a browser.
2. There are more options available for searching for
things if they are in an emacs buffer.

I've downloaded the R5RS document (in info format)
and installed it in my emacs. I then added the
following code to my .emacs file so that I can jump to
the definition of any keyword defined in r5rs when I
press "F1" with the cursor on the keyword:

(add-hook 'scheme-mode-hook
	  (lambda ()
	    (define-key scheme-mode-map [f1]
	      '(lambda ()
		   (let ((symbol (thing-at-point 'symbol)))
		     (info "(r5rs)")
		     (Info-index symbol)))))))

This works well (and is very fast) for generic r5rs
scheme code. However, r5rs.info is the "scheme
specification" documentation, not the "PLT Scheme
implementation" documentation (which is both r5rs plus
extensions). I would prefer to open one of the PLT
Scheme language manuals at the appropriate place when
I'm working with some PLT-specific code which I'm not
familiar with. I know that Quack will open the
appropriate html page in the PLT documentation for a
keyword with "C-c C-q k" but it doesn't position to
the correct place in the document. It's also
(relatively) slow to open the browser each time I want
to see a keyword definition. 

That is why I would like to have access to the PLT
documentation in info format. 

Bill Clementson

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