[plt-scheme] New syntax colorer and parenthesis highlighter have arrived

From: Mark Sapa (moerk at gmx.de)
Date: Fri Nov 7 06:26:22 EST 2003

Am 06.11.2003 um 15:46 schrieb Robby Findler:

> I believe you missed some instructions on the anon cvs web page. At a
> min, you missed the
>   setup-plt
> step.
> Robby
> <snip previous quotes>

Sorry to say so, but it ain't so easy.

First of all, the setup-plt step is run automatically by manually 
install in the $PLTHOME directory. (At least, this procedure used to 
like a charm up to this upgrade. And, come to think, up to my upgrade to
OS X 10.3 - so maybe there is a problem on this front.)

Just to be sure, I ran setup-plt again just now. (After having rebuilt 
a fresh CVS yesterday, just to make sure...)

A different error occurs on startup, namely:

>  Error invoking tool "syntax-color";("tool.ss")
> usr/local/plt/collects/syntax-color/colorer.ss:156:28: compile: 
> unbound variable in module in: split

The startup time is a bit better, but both syntax-color and Check Syntax
fail to color anything. The colors are changeable in the preferences 
but the text just displays black.

I am now downloading the binaries - maybe I am just being stupid, but 
cvs procedure worked for me for the last year...

<fiddling around for a bit with the binaries>

So, starts up without error, and a bit faster.

Still, the syntax-coloring remains broken, and Check Syntax as well.
As well, the font of code in the editor-pane keeps sublty changing its 
size or
something - it wobbles the whole time. Just a tad unnerving.
The preferences takes a loong time to show up, as well. Did not notice 
before, may be imagination / growing impatience...
No syntax-color Panel in the Preferences window - the binaries are
from Tuesday...

<running setup-plt just to be sure>

Again, no luck: Check-Syntax does not work, no syntax-color.
Startup is faster, though, and without bugs (perhaps because
syntax-color is not yet integrated into this distribution?)

Even canging categories in the Check Syntax Preference Pane
so that eg keywords should be italicized, bold and underlined
does not change the display one bit.

So, all in all, the problem does _not_ seem to be a fault on _my_
side - I trust the binaries were built correctly, including the 

Thanks for the suggestion, though,
and thanks for a phantastic Scheme system.

I just hope the nice IDE works again soon, for the time being
I'll just switch to Emacs'n'Quack (kudos to Mr. Van Dyke!)


		and greetings from deepest Bavaria,

				Mark Sapa

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