[plt-scheme] Re: Emacs tags for MzScheme modules

From: Jim Blandy (jimb at redhat.com)
Date: Mon Nov 3 16:16:20 EST 2003

It's cool that MzScheme's reflection stuff gives you enough info to
build an etags file.

But part of the appeal of etags is that it's casual enough to work
pretty well on code that doesn't compile, code that's incomplete, and
so on.  It even continues to work when you haven't regenerated your
tags files for a while.  This sloppy attitude costs you precision
(although I haven't found that to be much of a problem), but it buys
you useability.

If one wanted to preserve this property, one might consider writing a
patch to 'etags' that adds a '--mzscheme' language, which recognizes
the module declaration, and looks at things indented within that form
instead of just looking for open parens in the leftmost column.  I'll
bet the Emacs maintainers would be willing to include such a patch in
the Emacs distribution (but I can't speak for them, of course).

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