[plt-scheme] Can SRFI-7 be made to work with PLT Scheme v204?

From: Dirk Gerrits (dirk at gerrits.homeip.net)
Date: Mon Jun 30 08:30:09 EDT 2003

When I try to use SRFI-7 with PLT Scheme v204 I get the following error:

 > (require (lib "program.ss" "srfi" "7"))
open-input-file: cannot open input file: 
"D:\APPS\plt\collects\srfi\0.ss" (No such file or directory; errno=2)

I other words: SRFI-7 is implemented in terms of SRFI-0, but SRFI-0 is 
not implemented at all.

Can I find a PLT Scheme implementation for SRFI-0 somewhere to make 
SRFI-7 work? It's not in CVS apparently. Will it be in v205?

Dirk Gerrits

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