[plt-scheme] Safely evaluating arbitrary scheme code?

From: scott-dated-1057608751.25e8a7 at bandwidthcoop.org (scott-dated-1057608751.25e8a7 at bandwidthcoop.org)
Date: Fri Jun 27 16:51:11 EDT 2003

Hi everyone, 

I have a CGI script which takes Scheme code from a form, evaluates it, and 
prints out the result. This is, of course, a giant security risk. I'm 
investigating the possibility of making this secure. 

MzScheme provides security guards, which controls a thread's access to the 
file system and the network. My program needs access to some files. The 
program does its work, installs a security guard which prevents any file or 
net access, then evals the code. 

I'd appreciate feedback on this approach, specifically: 

   -Is this sufficient to protect the server? A good start, but more needs 
to be done? Or madness, and best not attempted? 

   -I'm starting a examination of the library APIs to see if there are other 
potential security threats. Is there anything undocumented that I should be 
wary of? 

Thanks in advance for any help, 

Scott Lewis
scott-dated-1057608751.25e8a7 at bandwidthcoop.org 

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