[plt-scheme] BUG in case

From: Saint Katsmall T. Wise, Esquire (kela_bit at netvision.net.il)
Date: Wed Jun 25 23:22:05 EDT 2003

This bug has been driving me crazy all day and I just found out it's not 
a bug in my code :\
I have two variables: green-char and c. They are both set to #\012, 
which incidentally is a newline.
Thus, they are eqv? indeed as the example shows.
However, case does not recognize them to be the same (although it is 
supposed to use eqv?)

 > (eqv? green-char c)
 > (case c [(green-char) 'a] [else 'b])

Is this indeed a bug?

Yours truly,
Katsmall T. Wise, Esquire

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