[plt-scheme] cffi.ss

From: Ed Cavazos (proteus at theworld.com)
Date: Mon Jun 23 03:26:02 EDT 2003

I noticed in the Gambit-C manual that an allowed type specifier in
c-lambda is one of: "c-type-id". So, just a string naming a C
type. For example, given these 2 C function prototypes:

person make_person(char *name);

int    move_person(person p);

I guess the c-lambda code would be:

(c-lambda (char-string) "person" "make_person")
(c-lambda ("person")    int      "move_person")

It doesn't look like the current cffi.ss supports this. Would adding
this be as simple as modifying cffi.ss or would support have to be
added to mzc itself?


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