[plt-scheme] RE: imap NOOP support

From: Anton van Straaten (anton at appsolutions.com)
Date: Tue Jun 17 20:27:41 EDT 2003

P.S. I wrote:
>       (define (imap-reselect imap inbox)
>         (imap-selectish-command imap (format "SELECT ~a" (str->arg
>       (define (imap-selectish-command imap command-string)
>         (let ([r (imap-connection-r imap)]
>               [w (imap-connection-w imap)])
>           (let ([init-count #f]
>                 [init-recent #f])

Full disclosure: there's an apparent difference between my updated
implementation of imap-reselect and the original, in that my version has the
potential to return #f values instead of numbers.  In practice, this should
not happen with a compliant server, because the SELECT and EXAMINE commands
are always supposed to return EXISTS and RECENT info, even according to the
older RFC 2060.

The changed behavior should only manifest in the case of the new imap-noop
function, since the NOOP command isn't required to return status info if the
selected mailbox hasn't changed.


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