[plt-scheme] edwin port

From: Ed Cavazos (proteus at theworld.com)
Date: Fri Jun 13 13:02:48 EDT 2003

plt scheme proxy for Felix <pltscheme at pnkfx.org> writes:

> I am currently investigating the feasibility of porting Edwin (the
> Emacs-clone written in MIT Scheme) to PLT.

That sure would be nice.

Along similar lines, I have experimented with putting a GNU Emacs
buffer style API ontop of MrEd's text% class. I think this kind of
"emulation" of a popular API would help in porting over some of the
Emacs apps and encourage others (who are familiar with Emacs's Elisp)
to contribute extensions.

Regarding Shrirams comment,

I do have an old MzCurses extension that was written for PLT 103. It
was back when I was learning about how to extend MzScheme so it's all
hand written... I think an auto-generated one might be better, but
if you need somewhere to start, just ask.

An alternative to using Curses or MrEd would be a straight hookup to
X11. The Scsh guys are working on an X11 interface called SCX, which
appears to be inspired by CLX, the Common Lisp interface to X11.


As an aside, I also saw an X11 window manager called Orion in the Scsh
tree somewhere... The Scheme Underground is not dead. :-)

The benefit to building ontop of MrEd is that the resulting
application would be portable across the platforms that PLT
support. The benefit to X11 would be finer control over how things
look. In that case, Win32 folks would have to use an X server.

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