[plt-scheme] edwin port

From: plt scheme proxy for Felix (pltscheme at pnkfx.org)
Date: Fri Jun 13 11:02:44 EDT 2003

PLT Scheme people-

I am currently investigating the feasibility of porting Edwin (the 
Emacs-clone written in MIT Scheme) to PLT.

While discussing issues with the port with a friend last night, he 
asked if I had checked if anyone had already done this.  Nothing had 
popped up in my preliminary Google search, but I had to admit that I 
hadn't asked around in this forum.

So, has anyone looked into porting Edwin?  Or any other significant 
program dependent on MIT Scheme features (like syntactic closures)?

(It looks like it shouldn't be hard to port the actual macros over to 
use SYNTAX-CASE, since I haven't noticed any sadistic uses of syntactic 
environments in them.  I'm more concerned over MIT Scheme's use of 
character literals like #\M-C-x, which is literally a single character 
representing Meta,Control,x, just like Emacs...)


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