[plt-scheme] Release: GLUTSCM v0.1

From: Carlos Eduardo Scheidegger (carlos.scheidegger at terra.com.br)
Date: Wed Jun 11 23:32:03 EDT 2003


        GLUTSCM is a MzScheme extension that implements a OpenGL Utility
Toolkit (GLUT) binding. GLUTSCM was developed and tested using GLUT
version 3.7. GLUTSCM is LGPL.

        GLUTSCM currently implements most of the GLUT functionality,
with the notable exceptions of:

- Menu bindings
- Font rendering interface
- glutTimerFunc callback

	GLUTSCM is available for download at


Compilation should be trivial in any system with GLUT, gcc and mzc, but
there are some instructions in the package, just in case.

The missing features are going to come with the next releases, which
will be ASAP. There is a small example illustrating the use of the

Hoping it will be useful,
Carlos Eduardo Scheidegger

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