[plt-scheme] Foclasa: Last Call for Papers

From: Jean-Marie JACQUET (jmj at info.fundp.ac.be)
Date: Tue Jun 3 15:41:38 EDT 2003

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                      2nd International Workshop on
                  Foundations of Coordination Languages and
                          Software Architectures
                              (Foclasa 2002)

                   September 2, 2003, Marseille, France
           Workshop affiliated to CONCUR'2003, 02 - 06 September 2003.




    Modern  information  systems  rely  more  and  more  on  combining
    concurrent, distributed, mobile and heterogenous components.  This
    move from  old systems, typically conceived  in isolation, induces
    the  need  for  new   languages  and  software  architectures.  In
    particular, coordination  languages have been  proposed to cleanly
    separate  computational aspects  and communication.  On  the other
    hand,  software  architects face  the  problem  of specifying  and
    reasoning  on non-functional requirements.   All these  issues are
    widely perceived as  fundamental to improve software productivity,
    enhance maintainability, advocate modularity, promote reusability,
    and  lead   to  systems  more  tractable  and   more  amenable  to
    verification and global analysis.         

    The aim of  the workshop is to bring  together researchers working
    on the foundations of component-based computing, coordination, and
    software architectures.  Topics of  interest include (but  are not
    limited to):

    o  Theoretical models  for  coordination (component  composition, 
       concurrency,   dynamic  aspects  of   coordination,  semantics, 
    o  Specification,  refinement, and  analysis  of software  archi-
       tectures (patterns  and styles, verification  of functional and 
       non-functional properties);
    o  Coordination, architectural, and interface description languages
       (implementation, interoperability, heterogeneity);
    o  Agent-oriented languages (formal models for interacting agents);
    o  Dynamic  software architectures (mobile  agents, configuration, 
    o  Modeling  of  information  systems (groupware,  internet  and
       the web, workflow management, CSCW and multimedia applications)
    o  Coordination patterns (mobile computing, internet computing);
    o  Tools  and environments  for  the  development of  coordinated 
    o  Methodologies for validating and certifying software compositions


   Papers describing  original work are solicited  as contributions to
   Foclasa.  Submitted  papers  should  be  limited to  6  000  words, 
   preferrably formatted  according  to  the  Electronical Notes in
   Theoretical Computer Science.

   They  should be  emailed as  PostScript (PS)  or  Portable Document 
   Format (PDF) files to jmj at info.fundp.ac.be.


   Following the previous edition, the  proceedings will  be published  
   as a volume of the Electronical Notes in Theoretical Computer Science. 

   Selected papers will be published  in a special issue of the journal
   Science of Computer Programming.


      o June 9, 2003:    Submission deadline.
      o July 15, 2003:   Notification of acceptance.
      o August 25, 2003:  Final version.
      o September 2, 2003: Meeting Date.


   The workshop will  be held in Marseille in September  2003. It is a 
   satellite workshop  of CONCUR 2003. For venue  and registration see 
   the CONCUR web page at http://concur03.univ-mrs.fr/


      o Antonio Brogi (University of Pisa, Italy)
      o Jean-Marie Jacquet (University of Namur, Belgium)
      o Ernesto Pimentel (University of Malaga, Spain)


      o Farhad Arbab (CWI, The Netherlands)
      o Antonio Brogi (University of Pisa, Italy) - Co-chair
      o Manfred Broy (University of Munich, Germany)
      o Jeff Kramer (Imperial College, United Kingdom)
      o Paola Inverardi (Univerity L'Aquila, Italy)
      o Jean-Marie Jacquet (University of Namur, Belgium) - Co-chair
      o Joost Kok (University of Leiden, The Netherlands) 
      o Ernesto Pimentel (University of Malaga, Spain) - Co-chair
      o Antonio Porto (New University of Lisbon, Portugal) 
      o Catalin Roman (Washington University, USA)
      o Pamela Zave (AT&T Labs Research, USA)

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