[plt-scheme] xml-parsing

From: Taylor Campbell (campbell at evdev.ath.cx)
Date: Thu Jan 23 22:27:17 EST 2003

Mike T. Machenry wrote:

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>  I called it a root tag because this is what the parser's error message
>calls it. I don't think it's an incorrect name since with respect to it's
>input it is a root tag. You are correct, if I put some tag enclosing the
>rest of my XML (giving it a root tag) it would work just fine.
>  I cannot require the contents of the input port to contain a root tag.
>I don't want to add a root tag for parsing and then strip it back out
>when I have an xexpr, though this seems the easiest solution, it's ugly.
Why don't you just use s-expressions in the first place to transmit data?
(not a rhetorical question -- maybe you're using a SOAP or something along
those lines interface)

As well, if you are, why is it so annoying to enclose it in a root element?
Is there any particular reason that not everything that sends/receives this
data should read the extra element?  Is the thing sending you the data
supposed to give you well-formed XML?  If not, can't you either fix it or
complain to whoever maintains the thing that sends you the data?

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