[plt-scheme] D.C. Metro Schemers January 15th meeting announcement ...

From: John W. Small (jsmall at atlantech.net)
Date: Wed Jan 8 19:22:06 EST 2003

The D.C. Metro Schemers January 15th meeting


will be held at MIND (Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Lab)
in College Park, Maryland from 7:15 - 8:45 pm.  The event is open to anyone
having a interest in Scheme (Lisp) and/or XML.  In the event of snow I'll
a notice on the website by 4 pm about cancellations.

        Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Lab
        Semantic Web Agents Project
        8400 Baltimore Avenue (Rt 1)
        College Park, Maryland 20853

For directions to the lab see:


The lab is just north of the main campus on U.S. Route 1.
(You can get a detailed map from www.mapquest.com).

Jordan Katz will be giving a presentation on Displaying
RDF content for different audiences.


Special thanks to Jordan for sharing his research with us and
his professor for allowing our use of the lab for the meeting!

I will also try to have a hand out ready on using the SSAX
frameworks and if possible posted on the website before the
meeting day.  The SSAX framework provides various lexer and
parsing procedures that can be combined to implement either a
SAX or DOM parser.  These parsers can be fabricated with varying
degrees of validation or otherwise customized for any particular type
of XML document. The framework also supports XML namespaces
and user defined handling of white space. The framework is unique in
that it scans a document only once like a SAX parser allowing incremental
processing but without requiring an application to register stateful
callbacks or otherwise become controlled by the parser.  The application
instead clocks or polls the parser thus permitting a purely functional,
combinatoric approach to processing XML documents.  Thus the input
port and a "seed" act as monads passed to the higher ordered parsing

If anyone has used SSAX, Webit, Laml, PLT Scheme xml collection,
or something related to XML and Scheme (Lisp), etc. and would like
to give a mini presentation, etc. please let me know ASAP.

If possible please let me know if you plan to attend this seminar
so I can get a rough head count.  Also I'll try to arrange a car pool
for those persons in Virginia wishing to attend.  What I had in mind is
picking people up sometime around 6 pm near Ballston and driving to
College Park. Number of people car pooling of course will determine
number of cars needed. :)

The February 19th meeting location is still up for grabs at this time.  I
an application in for the Washington Gas Light company's Springfield
auditorium.  This is not a done deal yet so if anyone has an alternative
of where we can meet please let me know soon - thanks!


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