[plt-scheme] Cross compiling for linux-arm

From: Adrian Matellanes (adrianm at visual-tools.com)
Date: Tue Feb 25 18:47:53 EST 2003

Hi all,
	I've been playing around cross-compiling PLT for Linux on StrongArm.
	I had to hack a little to get it, it runs okay but I didnt like that
hacks I had to do and I think that maybe I run ./configure with the
wrong options, I did:

  ./configure --host=arm-linux --x-libraries=path-to-x-libraries

       Has anyone cross-compiled PLT for linux-arm? Could somebody tell
me what are the correct arguments for ./configure?

Thanks very much in advance!

P.S. I am also interested in generating an ipkg package (kind of debian
package for the Familiar Linux distribution, which runs on a Compaq iPAQ
handheld), so iPAQ users can easily install PLT. Has anyone any
inconvenience about that? I suppose that it would be stored in
http://www.handhelds.org but I have not contacted that people yet.

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