[plt-scheme] DrScheme vs. multiple collections directories

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Mon Feb 3 08:10:24 EST 2003

On Monday, February 3, 2003, at 05:24 AM, Bertrand Petit wrote:
> ======================================================================= 
> =======
> $ cat ~/plt-collects/essai/essai.scm
> ;; essai.scm
> (module essai mzscheme
>         (provide (*essai-defined*))
>   (define *essai-defined* #t))
> ;; EOF
> $ cat ~/plt-collects/essai/info.ss
> ;; -*- scheme -*-
> ;; info.ss
> (module info (lib "infotab.ss" "setup") 
>   (define name "essai-collect"))
> ;; EOF


> $ drscheme3m
> /home/elrond/plt-collects/essai/info.ss:4:40: infotab-module: not a  
> well-formed definition at:   in: (#%module-begin   (define name  
> "essai-collect"))
> /home/elrond/plt-collects/essai/info.ss:4:40: infotab-module: not a  
> well-formed definition at:   in: (#%module-begin   (define name  
> "essai-collect"))
> $

To begin with, I think that everyone who works on the "plt team" uses  
multiple collections directory, so I'm confident that success can be  

Second, I was unable to reproduce your problem.

Third, looking at your code, (or rather, running it), it appears that  
you have not done a direct cut-and-paste into the mail message.  In  
particular, the "essai.scm" file you include is incorrect, because it  
wraps the identifier *essai-defined* in parentheses.  This doesn't work  
in MzScheme, MrEd, or DrScheme. I suspect that the code you used to  
test this was slightly different than the code you included in your  
e-mail.  Furthermore, I see that drscheme is complaining about line 4  
of your info.ss file, when the one you include only has 2 lines.  Is  
this also a case of mis-pasting?

best of luck,

john clements

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