[plt-scheme] A Couple of Questions on DrScheme/Mzscheme

From: Zbyszek Jurkiewicz (zbyszek at duch.mimuw.edu.pl)
Date: Mon Sep 30 11:39:36 EDT 2002

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, Jerzy Karczmarczuk wrote:

> Weeellll... I don't teach in Poland for more than 10 years, so I should 
> perhaps keep my mouth shut, but I left *many* friends there, whose children
> passed this experience. The differences between various schools is
> horrendous, and there is currently no real common educational politics
> (which means that we are already not too far from Western Europe...).

That's right, but situation has changed a lot during this time.
You can get a feeling of it by checking the results of international
CS competitions for high-school pupils and for undergraduates.
> Perhaps you might know that in all those Central Europe countries the book 
> market is polluted by tons of rubbish (cheap translations, or "manuals" for 
> some popular software), but a desert as far the scientific/pedagogic books 
> are concerned, since the life of an average academic teacher is tough, and 
> writing such a book is time-consuming. So, they do what they can, and this 
> is random.

Also outdated a little bit, while of course not so good as in Western 
Europe and US.  BTW, when I enter into typical bookstore in Western 
Europe, most CS books are also rubbish.  I think your experience
is based mostly on university bookstores, which store good literature.
We don't have and that's real problem (also Polish publishers do not
cooperate well with teachers, but that's different story.

But I don't think we are in the right list to discuss it.

Zbyszek Jurkiewicz

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