[plt-scheme] Non-Carbon MacOS 9 MzSchemeLib?

From: Eric Kidd (eric.kidd at pobox.com)
Date: Tue Sep 24 19:18:01 EDT 2002

On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 17:10, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> A non-carbon MzScheme build is probably not too difficult. The MzScheme
> code doesn't rely much (if any, in OS 9 mode) on the Carbon library.

That's good to know.  Thank you!

> I'm hoping that there's just one or two snags where I can help. I won't
> have time in the next few weeks to try it myself.

After fighting with the exciting zoo of multiple C libraries, MacOS
platform ABIs, MPW upgrades, etc., I decided to compile everything in
CodeWarrior and statically link it to our binary.

This was clearly the Right Thing to Do<tm>.  I'm no longer going nuts
watching MPW's StdCLib and the Metrowerks Standard Library fight a cage
match over who's going to link to what.  Our application links, and even
runs for a few seconds.

Unfortunately, as soon as I call scheme_basic_env, my application falls
over with a core dump deep in Boehm.  So I'm a lot closer, but not
exactly running yet.


I'll take a whack at it tomorrow.


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