[plt-scheme] Re: Catalogs 0.7

From: Steve Elkins (sgelkins at bellsouth.net)
Date: Tue Sep 17 21:43:13 EDT 2002

"Martial Tarizzo" <tarizzo=hXjSStDdwjVWj0EZb7rXcA at public.gmane.org> writes:

> Developed as an exercice to see how it is possible to build a useful
> application under Microsoft Windows with DrScheme, it should work under
> Linux and MacOS ... (not really tested ... there must be problems I am
> not aware of !)

Thanks for publishing this.  I've had fun looking at the code, just
the right size example of MrEd programming for me.  Don't know about
Linux and MacOS, but I can tell you that it builds and runs okay on
OpenBSD 3.0 and 3.1.

I think I might be seeing something like what Shriram saw.  I had it
create a catalog of /usr/src, watched it frantically update the tree
(bottom left pane), and got a file 2137993 bytes big.  (I only run
'make clean' just *before* building.)  It does well searching for
expressions with only a few hits, but I gave up on .o$ after a few
minutes.  Just an experiment, my lazy man's guess is that it's too
eager updating the display.

Again, I really appreciate seeing the code.


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