[plt-scheme] why no display in DrScheme beginning student level?

From: Sharon M. Tuttle (st10 at humboldt.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 11 18:40:36 EDT 2002

I am using "How to Design Programs" for an introductory CS course
(hooray! although it may be the only time I get to use it --- sob!)

Anyway, my students and I are noticing that, once you have a few
functions and tests in a file, it gets difficult to keep track of
which tests are which. I would like to use something like a c shell
"echo" command to just insert little comments before tests. I cannot
see how to do so in the "Beginning Student" level of DrScheme, however.

I could have them change language to "Advanced Student", and then they
could use display, but that seems to be defeating the purpose of
the "Beginning Student" level (and the more coherent error messages,

We're only up to Section 4 (conditionals) so far --- am I missing an
obvious solution to this problem?


-- Sharon Tuttle
   Dept. of Computing Science
   Humboldt State University

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