[plt-scheme] Compiling SrPersist in plt-201

From: 'Richard Michael' (rmichael at fields.utoronto.ca)
Date: Thu Sep 5 11:31:43 EDT 2002

* Paul Steckler <steck at ccs.neu.edu> [020905 08:14]:

> Please let me know how your experience with SrPersist goes.  Sorry
> for all the problems compiling.  I've always compiled in a full 
> source tree under both Unix and Windows, so I wasn't aware of the 
> issues you faced.

Thanks for making the changes to SrPersist docs and .h files!  The
compilation wasn't that bad, because I was able to reach you all here
on the list; it was the ODBC building that left it's mark on me. :)


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