[plt-scheme] XML and Programming

From: Jordan Katz (katz at underlevel.net)
Date: Wed Sep 4 15:06:38 EDT 2002

MJ Ray <markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk> writes:

> There is an implementation of part of XSLT using SSAX, called STX.  There
> are ways to do transformation-by-example of SXML, eg using match.  Of
> course, XSLT is Turing-complete, so Scheme itself could be said to be
> equivalent to it (wheeeeeee....) and all of the above are just using Scheme
> to transform XML anyway.

STX is only a tool that uses SSAX, but SSAX itself actually provides
something called SXSLT; an implementation of apply-templates and a
bunch of other SXSLT functions (that work with SXPath, an s-expression
version of XPath) to provide an XSLT environment from Scheme. 
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