[plt-scheme] Compiling SrPersist in plt-201

From: 'Richard Michael' (rmichael at fields.utoronto.ca)
Date: Wed Sep 4 19:07:50 EDT 2002

> It's been awhile since I've built SrPersist for Unix -- I don't recall
> why the gc library is needed there.  In fact, I'm puzzled why it's
> there.  What happens if you simply remove that use from the Makefile?
> Do you get unresolved references? 

I just downloaded and built the SRPM for plt-202, and noticed that mzgc is a
static library and not just an object file.

I compiled SrPersist after removing the linking to libmzgc.a, and
there were no unresolved references.  Thanks for the tip.

That said, I just rebuilt the S/RPM files after editing the spec file to
also install the libmzgc.a, libmzscheme.a and buildinfo files from
plt/lib.  I don't want to have this problem again.  I've been
struggling with unixODBC/iODBC+PostGres+SrPersist over four days now!
Without knowing more about PLT, it's hard to know what libs a PLT
package might require (without looking at the source for awhile,
anyway).  If I unexpectedly have to build from source, I'd like it
to be as smooth as possible.

> For Unix, there are too many platforms and driver managers to consider
> doing that.  

Agreed, and the free ODBC implementations are a bit hairy to setup,
IMHO; the documentation is fairly lacking.
> The static libraries for Unix have never been distributed, presumably
> for space reasons.  In general, PLT Scheme extensions don't require the
> libraries -- they get external procedures from their host MzScheme or
> DrScheme (which is why I'm puzzled).

This is good to know for future reference, thanks.

Now, I suspect I'm about to have another problem because I don't see
srpmain.ss in collects/srpersist/private and it's required by


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