[plt-scheme] SchemeQL back-ends

From: MJ Ray (markj at cloaked.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: Wed Oct 30 19:08:24 EST 2002

dvanhorn at emba.uvm.edu <dvanhorn at emba.uvm.edu> wrote:
> I recently wrote a couple modules that wrap the low level C interfaces to
> MySQL and PostgreSQL. Both libraries provide similiar, but not identical,
> functionality and my next step was to write a higher level interface that
> could be implemented by either of the two modules.

I think work is being duplicated here.  That may not be a bad thing, as some
competiton is always good as long as we can collaborate and/or compare. 

There are already two postgres interfaces at http://schematics.sf.net/ one
using the TCP connection and the other a SWIG wrapper around libpq still
being developed.  A MySQL one was checked in to the CVS last week.

I've just finished writing most of a more "independent" interface on top of
the libpq postgres one, based on http://okmij.org/ftp/Scheme/db-util.scm and
emailed schematics-development list to ask for comments just a few minutes

> However, SchemeQL already provides a nice lamguage for this.
> So, my question is, could I use these modules as back-ends to SchemeQL (rather
> than ODBC)?  Where would I start?

On the schematics-development list, I suspect ;-)  I have heard developments
of other backends being talked about before, but I'm not sure if any work
has been done yet.  I think it would be better to standardise the interface
that SchemeQL talks to too, as DB:for-each interface isn't that slow and the
performance-hungry will be talking directly to the C through custom routines
anyway, I suspect.


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