[plt-scheme] Parse-tracing

From: Michael J. Fromberger (sting at linguist.Thayer.dartmouth.edu)
Date: Sat Oct 26 22:51:18 EDT 2002

quoth Shriram Krishnamurthi:
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> Hi -- have you considered upgrading to a newer version?  v103 is
> relatively ancient, and v20x is a lot better simply from a user's
> point of view.  This read-scanning problem is also much less of an
> issue than it used to be, I believe.

Yes, but I can't afford to upgrade in the middle of the term.  Is
there any other solution?

Feel free to ask me off-list, if you really care to know the reasons
why it is not practical for me to do the update at this point in time
-- they're not very interesting, but suffice it to say that I'm stuck
with 103 until next term, when I certainly WILL be using the new
version.  I agree that it's a lot better.


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