[plt-scheme] Delpoyment/packaging questions

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 7 17:02:37 EDT 2002

At Tue, 8 Oct 2002 00:55:22 +0400 (MSD), Kirill Lisovsky wrote:
> > > 2. It looks that 
> > > strip(1)
> > > corrupts executables created with 
> > > mzc --exe
> > > Is strip in need of some flags or such files are not intended for
> > > "stripping"? 

Ok, now I understand the problem.

mzc --exe is a minor hack for most platforms. It adds data to the end
of a mzscheme/mred executable file, which doesn't intefere with the
normal use of the executable.

But if you strip, then the extra stuff at the end of the file is not
understood by the strip program, so it's removed. Then, when the
mangled+stripped mzscheme/mred executable starts, it doesn't find extra
information at the end of the file, as it expected.

With a little effort, I can at least improve the error message.
Meanwhile, I'll also improve the documentation.

With considerably more work, mzc --exe could parse the ELF layout (on
ELF platforms) and add a new section. Then strip -S would be ok. So, if
anyone whites an ELF parser and re-writer, let me know.


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