[plt-scheme] (no subject)

From: Paul Steckler (steck at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Fri Nov 15 15:28:56 EST 2002

> That's mostly what I had in mind. Suppose, for instance, that the
> mx-browser%
> object had to be placed in a MrEd vertical-panel% object. I would like
> to
> write:
>    (make-object mx-browser% title x y w h options parent)
> where parent is that verical-panel% object. Now, is it possible, in
> the C++
> mx-browser% creation code (mx_make_browser), to access the HWND of
> parent?
> In other words, can I extract the HWND from the scheme_object passed
> in
> argument? Will the os-indepedant MrEd layer let me do that?

I'm not familiar enough with the MrEd implementation to know for sure.
I'd guess there'd be some sequence of calls that would get you that

Maybe Matthew Flatt or John Clements could answer that better.

If we can do this, it might be valuable to add the feature to MysterX in

By the way, I was wrong in my assertion that a child window would be
separate from its parent.  But you knew that already :-)

-- Paul

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