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From: Dominique Boucher (Dominique.Boucher at sgdl-sys.com)
Date: Fri Nov 15 14:23:59 EST 2002


> > Now, my question. The 3D rendering engine is an ActiveX control. I
> > integrated it into the IDE using MysterX. Unfortunately, I find this
> > solution quite unsatisfactory because it does not seem as well
> > integrated as
> > the other components. It is shown in its own top-level window that I
> > can
> > only hide and show using the 'show' method of the mx-browser% object.
> > Has
> > anyone tried to integrate an ActiveX component as a child window
> > instead? It
> > seems to me that it wouldn't be that hard to specify the parent window
> > of
> > the mx-brwoser% object at instantiation time, and pass corresponding
> > window
> > handle (HWND) to the CreateWindow function... But I may be wrong. A
> > few
> > advices would be of great help.
> You could modify MysterX to accept a window argument when constructing
> an mx-browser% instance.  You'd have to write code for finding the HWND
> you want, and wrapping it in a Scheme object.

That's mostly what I had in mind. Suppose, for instance, that the
object had to be placed in a MrEd vertical-panel% object. I would like to

   (make-object mx-browser% title x y w h options parent)

where parent is that verical-panel% object. Now, is it possible, in the C++
mx-browser% creation code (mx_make_browser), to access the HWND of parent?
In other words, can I extract the HWND from the scheme_object passed in
argument? Will the os-indepedant MrEd layer let me do that?

[I confess: I did not read all the MrEd code to see if it's possible.
But before I read all the code and documentation, I just want some hints
whether or not it's feasible.]

Dominique Boucher

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