[plt-scheme] Question on Teaching Scheme with DrScheme

From: Anton van Straaten (anton at appsolutions.com)
Date: Wed Nov 6 01:58:48 EST 2002

> > In both, and in Smalltalk in particular it is easier to code complex
> > interactions, like in Alice.
> OK, so after digging that up, going through the agony of booting
> Windows and all the crashes that comes with it (and with Alice), I
> still don't get the above point.  I didn't see any particularly
> complex way of coding interactions.  Is the only point of this only
> the DoInOrder and DoTogether?  If so, then what's the problem of doing
> it in Scheme?

I agree, I don't think the language is the issue.  However - the fact that
nobody has actually implemented anything like this in Scheme (?) means that
Scheme isn't much of a choice for someone who wants to teach using this sort
of program.

(A separate question is whether you need this sort of program to teach.)


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