[plt-scheme] Local Scheme Repository

From: Paulo Jorge O. C. Matos (pocm at mega.ist.utl.pt)
Date: Fri Nov 1 06:24:09 EST 2002

Hi all,

I have 2 plt-scheme in my linux partition, last release and last cvs 
exp-tagged. I'd like them to share a common repository of collects. Is 
that possible?
The problem is that for example, when I install webit in the last 
release plt-scheme the cvs one will not be able to access it with 
(require (lib...
That way I'll have to install it in both. But when there's a plt-scheme 
release I delete the latest plt-scheme release in my pc and install a 
new one. When I delete the old one webit, schemedoc, etc just go boom 
and I have to install them all over again.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Best regards,
Paulo J. Matos : pocm(_at_)mega.ist.utl.pt
Instituto Superior Tecnico - Lisbon
Software & Computer Engineering - A.I.
  - > http://mega.ist.utl.pt/~pocm
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