[plt-scheme] Question about scheme os for information appliances (phones)

From: Rohan Nicholls (rohan.nicholls at informaat.nl)
Date: Wed Dec 4 06:49:08 EST 2002

NOTE: if pressed for time do not bother with this posting.:)

I have run across references and articles in the last year since 
discovering lisp and scheme about lisp/scheme as a base for an OS.  The 
Lisp machines, are the obvious choice.  I have heard great things about 
them, but most pilot projects to develop an os with a scheme/lisp basis 
seem to fall apart (TUNES is still mostly thinking from what I can see).

It seems that creating an OS for present day pc's is a monumental task, 
but would it make sense for mobile phones (been reading articles on the 
battles between symbian and windows in the mobile market) to have scheme 
based os's, as scheme is amazingly flexible once you have the basis 
setup, or would it be a matter of there being more assembler code than 
anything else.

I just thought it is one area where the market does not have to be 
dominated by one language, and the development advantages of scheme 
might find a receptive audience.

Just thoughts, but would love enlightenment to my ignorance.:)


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