[plt-scheme] MrEd: creating an inactive child

From: Pat Ekman (pat at ekman.cx)
Date: Tue Dec 3 12:44:33 EST 2002

Quoth Doug Orleans on Tuesday, December 03, 2002:
> Is there a way to create a window that is an inactive child of its
> parent?  Or must I send delete-child to its parent to make it inactive
> after creating it as active?
> I ask this because I want to replace a window with a new window, and
> the only way I can see how to do this is with change-childen on the
> window's parent, replacing the child with the new child.  But, when I
> create the new window in preparation to calling change-children, it
> immediately adds it to its parent's list of children, so I have to
> delete it before calling change-children.  Even worse, if the parent
> is currently being shown, the parent will grow and shrink as the new
> child gets added and deleted.

Use (send parent begini-container-sequence) before and (send parent
end-container-sequence) after you make changes to its children.  This
will keep it from recalculating its geometry until you're finished.

Pat Ekman

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