[plt-scheme] No network - no help

From: Richard Cobbe (cobbe at airmail.net)
Date: Tue Aug 13 10:00:29 EDT 2002

Lo, on Tuesday, August 13, Chris Uzdavinis did write:

> I ran into a problem with this last night, which was the first time
> I've installed the v201 and used the web-help.
> I access the web through a proxy server that runs on another machine,
> and so my browser(s) are configured to go through the proxy server.
> When I use help from within DrScheme, it can't find any of the help
> files because the browser is still configured to use the proxy and
> it's getting confused.  (Netscape 4.7 on Linux).  When I edit the
> browser configuration to use a "direct" connection to the web, then I
> can access help.  But editing it back and forth is going to get
> tedious. Is there a way to get help working without having to keep
> changing my browser configuration?

It's been a while since I've used netscape, but isn't there a place in
the configuration where you can tell it to bypass the proxy for certain

Ok, I just fired up Netscape.  In the preferences dialog, select
Advanced:Proxy.  Choose manual proxy configuration, and click the View
button.  The second text box from the bottom is a list of hostnames for
which the proxy will be bypassed.  Try adding localhost to this.

> Secondly, the first time I run help it asked which browser I wish to
> use, but subsequently it uses the same browser as before.  What must I
> edit/delete in order to use a different browser?  I'm willing to have
> mozilla just for DrScheme help if that's the only solution.

In DrScheme, go into the preferences box under the Edit menu.  The tab
on the far right allows you to configure your browser selection.


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