[plt-scheme] No network - no help

From: Benderjg2 at aol.com (Benderjg2 at aol.com)
Date: Mon Aug 12 18:11:13 EDT 2002

In a message dated 8/12/2002 4:54:56 PM Central Daylight Time, 
steck at ccs.neu.edu writes:

> > Is there a way for me to get Help Desk to work like it did with
> > 200?
> No -- v201 Help Desk requires networking support.
> You don't have to be connected to an external network, but you do need
> to connect to the loopback device via TCP/IP.

Per se, if you have been able to run the v200 web server on your machine 
without a network, I think you should be able to get the help desk to work
in v201.

I don't know if this small change will work on Linux, but I dealt with this
problem on my laptop by changing help/private/server.ss: each of occurence 
of  "" I changed to "localhost". It is a silly change, but it worked 

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