[racket-dev] BUG: busy-waiting

From: Jan Dvořák (mordae at anilinux.org)
Date: Wed Sep 3 16:52:18 EDT 2014


I am hitting a rather uncomfortable bug that causes runtime to start 
internal busy-waiting at around:

#0  scheme_block_until(_f=<syncing_ready>, 
    at ../src/thread.c:5199
#1  do_sync (name="sync", with_break=0, with_timeout=0)
    at ../src/thread.c:7109

It goes through ../src/thread.c:5190, which Matthew mentions in one of 
his recent patches.

The code that manages to trigger this have been written under NDA and 
cannot be published. I have not yet managed to reproduce the issue 
separately, but it seems that this might not be the only instance:

    (09:28:36 PM) m4burns: Mordae: I'm having a similar problem 
somewhere in
                           `inflate`. Haven't applied a debugger yet, 
                           there's certainly no busy waiting in the 

I am stuck and would like to ask for your help.

Best regards,
Jan Dvorak

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