[racket-dev] Bug report lost? Here it is again: Issue with help

From: Greg Hendershott (greghendershott at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 26 11:45:43 EST 2014

Last night I submitted a bug report using DrRacket 5.92.

But I didn't get a confirmation email.  And I don't see it using
advanced query arrival-date > 2014-01-24 00:00 GMT.

So that in itself is... a bug??

Anyway, for belt+suspenders the original bug is (typing it again, so
won't exactly match what I submitted last night, if that ever turns

A .dmg install on OSX of 5.92 64-bit has an issue with help that I
never saw on HEAD:

>From DrRacket 5.92 hit F1 for help.
Opens web browser, goes to
That page lacks any style sheet.
Also JS seems disabled: Enter something in either of the two Search
input boxes, press ENTER nothing happens.

Click the Racket Documentation link.
Goes to file:///Users/greg/Library/Racket/5.92/doc/index.html
This page also lacks style sheet.

Click a link like The Racket Guide.
Goes to file:///Applications/Racket_v5.92/doc/guide/index.html
*** Note the different URL path, from /Applications not /Users ***
Now the page has a style sheet (the new one, yay!).
Now the page's Search input works.

Clicking links thereafter seems to say within the /Applications URL
paths: The style sheet is used and Search input works.

tl;dr Help first goes to web pages under /Users, which don't work
well. Eventually you get to pages under /Applications, which work as

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