[racket-dev] Separation of Parser, Compiler, VM, JIT and GC as a Library to take Metaprogramming and Extensible Programming to the Next Level

From: Suminda Dharmasena (sirinath1978m at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 21 23:28:06 EDT 2014


It is interesting you can define your own language in Racket. What I am
thinking is that you can deliver more of the language infrastructure
through metaprogramming, extensible programming than currently done.

You can have #require to determine what parts of the infrastructure you are
using and could replace components with own implementations. Also all
definitions in above should be pure Racket code.

Compiler and VM can use rewriting to do the compilation for at least one
version provided out of the box. These should be extensible in the code

Also a way to sometimes extend syntax in ways currently not possible like
graphical languages, projectional editors, etc.

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