[racket-dev] Tweaked doc pages

From: Michael Wilber (mwilber at uccs.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 5 15:39:04 EST 2013

The Google search box seems a bit disorienting to me. Perhaps I just
learned Racket, say yesterday, and it's unclear what it provides that
isn't searched by the search box in the top middle. It might be nice to
integrate that with the results page somehow, like a "Didn't find what
you're looking for? Here are some Google search results for your query
on racket-lang.org, stackoverflow, ..."

Eli Barzilay <eli at barzilay.org> writes:
> Just now, Danny Yoo wrote:
>> Just wanted to give some more feedback on newdocs; the select box
>> for getting at the other version of the docs is great!
>> Can the version box be moved above the Google search bar or a little
>> away from it?  The issue I ran across is that I start a google
>> custom search, and the location of the version select gets pushed
>> down by the search results.  It almost seems like the version box is
>> associated to the Google search.
>> I'm really happy with the Google search on the side.
> It's just work-in-progress, still.  I want the searchbox to take less
> space than it does, and I can't get the results to appear in some
> reasonable way.  I'll be very happy if you (or anyone else) wants to
> try and sort it out.
> As for the location -- it should really be above the version box since
> it should be in the same place in all pages, and some of them don't
> have a version box.
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