[racket-dev] Tweaked doc pages

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue Mar 5 14:16:15 EST 2013

Just now, Danny Yoo wrote:
> Just wanted to give some more feedback on newdocs; the select box
> for getting at the other version of the docs is great!
> Can the version box be moved above the Google search bar or a little
> away from it?  The issue I ran across is that I start a google
> custom search, and the location of the version select gets pushed
> down by the search results.  It almost seems like the version box is
> associated to the Google search.
> I'm really happy with the Google search on the side.

It's just work-in-progress, still.  I want the searchbox to take less
space than it does, and I can't get the results to appear in some
reasonable way.  I'll be very happy if you (or anyone else) wants to
try and sort it out.

As for the location -- it should really be above the version box since
it should be in the same place in all pages, and some of them don't
have a version box.

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