[racket-dev] A grab-bag of issues

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 4 13:20:03 EDT 2013

In case you wonder about other issues already on my list, in no
particular order:

 * Add `filesystem-change-evt' to decrease the cost of module-name
   resolution via link files.

 * Fix `pkg update' to setup anything that depends on updated packages.

 * Fix absolute paths (used to be "collects"-relative) embedded in
   bytecode (mostly from cross-module inlining).

 * Guard various `read's with correct parameterization.

 * Fix `help' in a core build.

 * Add top-level README back to installers.

 * Auto-start DrRacket in Windows installer (and make that configurable
   in general).

 * Make `path->relative-string/setup/pkg' more widely useful (and merge
   back with `path->relative-string/setup'?).

 * Standalone executables and "etc"?

 * Fix `file-stamp-in-collection'.

 * Misc doc updates.

 * Lots of `raco pkg' streamlining, partly as discussed on the list.

 * Update GUI package manager to deal with scope hierarchy and
   optionally hide auto-installed packages.

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