[racket-dev] Cross-phase persistent modules

From: Carl Eastlund (cce at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Fri Apr 5 07:31:03 EDT 2013

These seem great.  I'd like to build a macro that defines cross-phase
persistent structures, so that I can make structs that can be quoted in
syntax reliably.  For that, I'd like a little more built-in support.
(Ultimately, if struct from racket/base supported a
#:cross-phase-persistent option that automatically defined a submodule,
that would be perfect---but whoever implements a tool like that is going to
need or at least want extra support, too.)

Most importantly, as far as I can tell, cross-phase persistent modules are
currently an internal silent heuristic for turning modules into persistent
ones.  I'd really like a way to explicitly declare that I want a module to
be persistent across phases.  This mechanism should report an error if the
module cannot be made persistent.  Right now, I just have to guess and
hope.  I can write my own mechanism that checks the documented structure
against my fully-expanded module, but if I get something wrong or the
documentation is wrong, my error-reporting mechanism might not line up with

Secondly, the criteria for a persistent module is a bit idiosyncratic.  For
instance, top-level constants (those defined outside of function bodies)
can be constructed by quoting numbers, booleans, symbols, strings, and byte
strings, and by using the functions cons and list.  I don't know why a
persistent module cannot quote a character, regular expression, empty list,
immutable cons, immutable vector, immutable box, immutable hash table, or
immutable prefab structure.  Oh, and going down the Datatypes reference, I
forgot keywords.  If we're special casing both cons and list, personally I
would at least add list*, and possibly more of the tools allowed in
setup/infotab (reverse, append, car, cdr), and possibly all the basic
constructors and possibly selectors for our primitive, immutable
datatypes.  If we don't want to allow these things for some reason, I'd
argue that even cons and list might not be necessary and we could restrict
the whole thing to just quote.

Thirdly, one of the nice things about dealing with syntax objects is how
datum->syntax and syntax->datum "permeate" the values they encounter --
lists, vectors, prefab structs, etc.  Is it possible to do the same with
transparent structs if they are defined in cross-phase persistent modules?
Is there any way to detect that?  If so, it would make adding new kinds of
syntax values a lot nicer.  Or maybe if we had a prop:syntax / gen:syntax
that supported to-syntax and to-datum operations, so we could implement our
own "syntax-permeable" structs?  This isn't directly related to cross-phase
persistent modules, but their existence makes this feature more desirable
than it has been previously.

Thanks to anyone [especially if your name is Matthew Flatt] who can give
this all a look!

Carl Eastlund
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