[racket-dev] match syntax-parse

From: stefan.israelsson at se.abb.com (stefan.israelsson at se.abb.com)
Date: Mon May 14 08:06:41 EDT 2012

> and I would suggest that we implement the racket matcher completely with 
syntax parse. 

> I usually argue for clarity of code over speed. BUT we must pay 
attention to performance, especially widely used features. 

> Have you measure the performance of the two versions? Indeed you really 
need to measure the performance impact of ripping out match from 
syntax-parse and of > > implementing match via syntax-parse. It doesn't 
seem a straightforward case for one or the other. 

> -- Matthias

This is valid concerns, indeed. And you should see my implementation for 
list-no-order it's neat, simple and horribly inefficient.

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