[racket-dev] check over this doc fix to slideshow's (dc ...) before I push?

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Sat Jan 28 15:13:53 EST 2012

The docs for slideshow's (dc ...) call didn't mention the use of the 'a' and 'd' arguments. I inferred based on the following docs that these referred to ascent and descent, and assumed based on the following docs that these were added to the height passed to the procedure.  Let me know if I should/shouldn't push the commit below:


oiseau:~/plt/collects/scribblings/slideshow clements$ git show 72edb8c
commit 72edb8c861ecb5ccfb90ade8d83ae86a6289bc13
Author: John Clements <clements at racket-lang.org>
Date:   Sat Jan 28 15:11:18 2012 -0500

    added docs for a&d args of slideshow's dc procedure

diff --git a/collects/scribblings/slideshow/picts.scrbl b/collects/scribblings/slideshow/picts.scrbl
index f3ded67..726c361 100644
--- a/collects/scribblings/slideshow/picts.scrbl
+++ b/collects/scribblings/slideshow/picts.scrbl
@@ -131,7 +131,14 @@ When the rendering procedure is called, the current pen and brush will
 be solid and in the pict's color (and linewidth), and the scale and
 offset of the dc will be set. The text mode will be transparent, but
 the font and text colors are not guaranteed to be anything in
+In the three-argument
+case, the ascent and descent are @math{0} for the resulting pict's
+bounding box; in the five-argument case, the height is computed by
+adding the given ascent and descent.
 @defproc*[([(blank [size real? 0]) pict?]
            [(blank [w real?] [h real?]) pict?]
oiseau:~/plt/collects/scribblings/slideshow clements$ 

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