[racket-dev] Release Announcement for v5.2.1, second draft

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Jan 25 00:23:18 EST 2012

There's no mention of the new icons at all now (not the library).
Superficial, but will probably make many happy.

Two hours ago, Ryan Culpepper wrote:
> * Performance improvements include the use of epoll()/kqueue()
>    instead of select() for the Racket thread scheduler,
>    cross-module inlining of small functions, and the use of SSE
>    instead of x87 for JIT-compiled floating-point operations on
>    platforms where SSE is always available (including x86_64
>    platforms). A related change is the interning of literal
>    numbers, strings, byte strings, characters, and regexps that
>    appear in code and syntax objects.
> * MysterX's ActiveX support [...]

This should move down, since it's very unpopular.

> * The performance of Redex's matcher has been substantially
>    improved; depending on the model you should see improvements
>    between 2x and 50x in the time it takes to reduce terms.
> * The `typecheck-fail' form allows macro creators to customize the
>    error messages that Typed Racket produces.  This is especially
>    useful when creating pattern matching macros.

It's not clear on a quick glance that this is a TR thing.  (Also,
"customize" sounds a little like underselling it, but maybe there's no
good way to talk about what can be done with it.)

> * The `2htdp/universe' library's `big-bang' form supports an
>    experimental game pad key handler.

Maybe move this one up a little?

> * In the DMdA teaching languages, infinite recursive signatures
>    ("streams", for example) with no intervening `mixed' are now
>    supported, and the signatures of record definitions without
>    fields now have generators for use with `property'.

And this one down?

> * The `db' library now supports nested transactions and PostgreSQL
>    arrays. Bugs involving MySQL authentication and memory corruption
>    in the SQLite bindings have been fixed.
> * The Macro Stepper tool in DrRacket no longer executes a program
>    after expanding it.
> * Plots look nicer, render up to 4 times faster, and are more
>    correct at very small and very large scales. New features
>    include customizable dual axis ticks and transforms (e.g. log
>    axes, date and currency ticks, axis interval collapse and
>    stretch), stacked histograms, and 3D vector fields. The legacy
>    `fit' function and libfit have been removed.

"up to 4 times faster" sounds fishy -- I think that just "faster"
sounds better.  Also, should move up.

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